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$500.00 / year with a 7-day free trial

Do you want to be part of a team that motivates you to be your best self? Sign up today for monthly, 24/7 access to live or on-demand 30-minute guided workouts that are beginner friendly and fully adaptable to all fitness levels from the comfort of your own home. Start your free 7-day trial today. $500/annually.


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Once registration has successfully been completed, Reset team members will be granted access to a Private Facebook Group where workouts will be posted. The workouts can be done LIVE at 5:30 am AST Monday-Friday or anytime your schedule suits. Reset team members are encouraged to comment or post a picture once having completed the workout for both accountability to the program and to help motivate others.


When a workout is posted, it will remain online for the remainder of your membership. Team members will have access to all workouts posted in the current month of membership. We welcome new members at any time. This is a wonderful, supportive community to be a part of and absolutely all fitness levels are welcome and can be accommodated.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: HIIT  based cardiovascular workouts. These workouts will include a warm up, high intensity cardiovascular interval training and finish with a cool down. No equipment is required, however a mat is recommended.
Total time: 30 minutes


Tuesday, Thursday: These workouts will be composed of pilates, functional movement, flexibility and balance. Pilates is an excellent way to help prevent injury, improve posture and increase core strength. For these workouts, a mat is highly recommended. Light weights are an added option.
Total time: 30 minutes


Also included:

  • Weekly live yoga classes with a certified yoga instructor
  • Facebook live nutrition workshops with RD Bethany Vessey
  • Facebook live cooking tips and classes
  • Bonus weight, prop workouts
  • Videos detailing proper form and movement patterns of various exercises.
  • Facebook live Coaching sessions with Tracey
  • Incentive challenges and prizes to celebrate team members


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If you are new to exercise or have a pre existing medical condition, it is recommended you visit your doctor before commencing this program.