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HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training where you combine intervals of higher intensity exercises with low to moderate intensity exercises or rest. The advantage of HITT training is that clients can maximize their calorie burn in shorter amounts of time. Research has shown that a 15-minute HIIT workout can burn the same amount of calories as an hour or steady-state exercise. Although the name is a bit intimidating, HIIT training exercises can be modified to suit all levels. Our HIIT classes incorporate the use of free weights as an option to intensify the workout.


Tracey is a trained STOTT Pilates and reformer instructor with over thirteen years of experience teaching pilates. Over time, she has found great benefit by integrating pilates with functional movement and mobility exercises. These classes combine functional movement (ie. real-world situational movement), balance, core strength, and mobility work.


Yoga and meditation classes help to provide stability of the mind and create greater mind-body awareness. Affirmations and positivity are integrated throughout all of our classes to help build a stronger sense of self and inner peace.

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Workouts are now available on-demand directly from our website. To access the videos go to the my account page to sign-in to your account. When a workout is posted, it will remain online for the remainder of your membership. The on-demand workout schedule is one week behind the Facebook community workouts.

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Health and equipment questions

Home Gym Setup

All that is needed is a little space to move. For our HIIT classes, it is recommended the user wear sneakers but it is not required. Weights are an add-on option. Recommended for HIIT would be 5-12 lbs. For yoga, pilates, and movement classes, a mat is recommended. For our Thursday classes, we use light weights (1-3lbs) which is also optional.

Equipment Recommendations

A mat, free weights (5-12 lbs), toning balls or light free weights (1-3 lbs), sneakers, water, and you.

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