Getting started is the hardest part

Getting started is the hardest part

Exercise. Parenting. Change. Healthy eating…..ok basically everything. Anything new that you take on. Any new path that you start in the hopes that you will stick with it. It’s almost always harder in the beginning. Until you make that new thing a habit, until you make that new thing something that’s automated, you really need to dial up the willpower and just continually tell yourself- it.will.get.easier.

I was reminded of this today when I was on the treadmill. The first 20 minutes seemed like 20 hours. I generally have to cover the screen because I get dizzy watching the clock and every second that ticks by. Once I got over the hump and reached the time I had planned to go for, I realized it was actually getting easier. I was warmed up, I was into my podcast and I was feeling more energized and I even added on a couple of extra minutes. I’m only sharing this because I realized on the treadmill today how I have always let my mind win on those runs. For years I always said “I hate running on a treadmill” and focused entirely on that fact. As a result, I have always hated those treadmill runs because I had made the decision that was going to be the case.

Mindset is insanely powerful in everything we do and adopting a positive one is key in getting where you want to go and enjoying the ride (or run). Its harder in the beginning and always worth it at the end.


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Getting started