How I Hope my Kids View Success

How I Hope my Kids View Success

When I was younger, I viewed success by what you did for a living. If you were a doctor, a lawyer, Bon Jovi, Oprah or someone in the movies- well that means you made it and you probably had a big house somewhere. Well in many circumstances that may be true, especially the Oprah part, but I have fortunately let my view of success evolve over the years and I have realized that there are many more pieces to the success puzzle than just the numbers on your pay check.

You see there is this incredibly important ingredient in life called happiness that I believe is an essential component of success. Without it, what the heck is the point? I have come across many stressed, overworked people over the years that on paper you would think would live in constant elation, but in fact, are miserable. Why? Often, they have lost their purpose or never felt they had one to begin with. The other contributor, is they have lost themselves and then usually, their health follows suit.  (Health and happiness are inextricably connected by the way).

Conformity is a dangerous action. So is trying to live up to the expectations of others by taking the road most travelled- it never seems to produce the joy we all search for, so choose your path wisely.

If someday when my kids are older, they decide to read some of their moms old blog posts, I hope they find this one.  I hope they take the time to read it because no matter what messages they grow up with, I think we always and will always need reminders.  Those reminders that life is a beautiful gift and we are all responsible to make the most of our own. That true success in the mind of their 38 year old mama (ok almost 39 but I’m milking it), is when you get to wake up everyday with fire in your heart and get to be excited for what’s in store. It is not defined by the number of followers on your instagram, your social status, the degrees on the wall or size of your home – it is defined by the impact you leave in your work and in the lives of the people around you….

One more thing- to my kids…if this post does ever find you or if you need a reminder, my biggest success in life without question- will always be the four of you. You changed me forever.