It is up to you!

It is up to you!

The older I get, the more I realize how our thoughts are freaking powerful. They actually can determine the outcome of just about anything we take on.  In life, we unfortunately get really good at telling ourselves the bad stuff and don’t realize that can actually create a reality we don’t really want. I’ve been working on this a lot myself but it takes practice to turn around years of “I can’ts.” That’s why it’s 1- so important we model “I can’s” to our kids, and 2- why we need to teach them how important the power of positivity really is.

Last night my son rode his big sisters bike across our front lawn without training wheels. He is the baby of our family but he doesn’t seem to know that. In his mind, the act of riding a bike across the front yard is something he see his 3 older siblings do on a regular basis. He hasn’t really grasped the fact that he is three and generally it’s not something you do when you are 3, his thought process is just “I can too.” His personality has been that way since the very beginning and because we had been through it three times already and we were also a bit too tired to stop him, we have let him try things we never dreamed of exposing our older children to at that age. Sometimes he gives me minor heart attacks but most of the time he makes us laugh (a terrified laugh). lol The result for Luke- he’s almost got that two wheeler thing down.

I’m in no way suggesting let your toddler go sky diving- instead I’m just suggesting you analyze the power of removing limitations from yourself as an adult. You. I’m talking to you. We don’t ever outgrow opportunities to grow ourselves. Don’t ever resign yourself to anything less than what you want, even if you aren’t at a point you believe it’s possible. That all does take practice- but as Lukey reminded me last night on my front yard- anything is possible.

“If you want an extraordinary life, you have to stop feeding yourself ordinary thoughts.” Ed Mylett


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