Move to be a Better You

Move to be a Better You

Every single day I have moments where I need to stop and breathe and relax my mind. Life can get busy, life can get loud and life can be stressful. Since I became a mom I have been fighting with this thing called “guilt.”  Its very annoying, but very hard to ignore.  Its hard to ever feel like you are doing enough, or being enough or speaking calmly enough or making enough healthy snacks… SOS!! But in reality, people today are wayyyyyy too hard on themselves. We need to rejoice in the little things, celebrate our successes and remind ourselves we are worthy. Like- all of my kids ate lunch today and are changed out of their pyjamas before noon. Sometimes thats enough, right?!?!

What I know with conviction though, is that when I move my body, get my heart rate up, and take that time for myself- I feel better at everything else I do. I feel more powerful, I speak with more patience, and I am a better mother to my kids. Sometimes the last thing I want to do in a day is exercise, but I know what it does for me.  It’s my reset.

One of my friends just recommended this app with daily affirmations. I have never practiced anything like that before but I want to start sharing these experiences with my reset:breathe team. I am beyond excited to see this community of workout buddies starting to develop and I am eternally grateful for all those that are taking that step with me.  Less then two weeks before we kick off!!

Here is an affirmation that I would like all of you to repeat to yourself today.

“I accept myself and know that I am worthy of great things in life.”

PS- It’s true!