That Promise I made….

That Promise I made….

I started this new thing this year where on Sunday I write out three things that I want to accomplish everyday of the week. My big goal for 2019 is to automate more things in my life so that I can be more organized and efficient with my days. With that in mind, I write out three tasks that are non negotiable for each day of the week. I also write out what we are going to have for supper (this is a big one for me), what I’m going to do for exercise and what I’m going to do for pd or self care. I’m in week 2 but I can tell that sticking with it will really do awesome things for my life.

So…last night…I was laying in bed with my 2 year old who was snoring on my chest. It had been a long day home (storm day) with my four kids who had spent alot of it fighting. I was incredibly tired and incredibly comfortable and all I wanted to do was shut my eyes and just join him for the night. However, on my list for tonight was that John and I would do one of Cynthia’s (my reset yoga Instructor who rocks) yoga classes together. First- we have never done that before in our lives, in fact, John has never done a yoga class ever and didn’t even really know about my plan…oops.

Anyway, in the time I spent preparing for this goal of up-leveling my organization, I realized that we spend very little time together without little people and that time we do spend, I’m usually too tired to speak to him legibly. So I committed to this once a week in the evenings activity that would give us energy, make us feel better and just really be something we could do together. So here I was- tired, warm and snuggling in with my boy and that item on the list was calling my name.  Did I want to let it go- hell yes, there is always tomorrow…. but I had this haunting thought in the back of my mind. If I broke this promise to myself tonight, how was I going to feel? Yes it was only one night but I wrote it down. It was on paper. I put it out there that it was going to happen. The nagging-ness wouldn’t go away (if that’s not a word just pretend it is).

Life happens, I get that, but todays life happenings were pretty standard and although totally tempted to skip out, I knew that breaking that promise to myself would do more damage then just not feeling stretched out before bed. It would mean that I broke a promise to myself… and worse- it would subconsciously give me permission to break more promises to myself. I do not want to start my 2019 like that.

So I got up, I put the class on and a couple minutes in, John joined me along with our 9 year old who was not yet in bed. I am not sharing this in an attempt to get credit for rolling out of bed. I’m sharing this for two reasons:

  1. If you write it down and schedule it in- its much more likely to happen.
  2. Keeping promises to yourself will change your life

I have learned over and over that I absolutely never regret moving my body, I only ever regret when I don’t and I planned to. I have also learned that after I move my body, I always feel like a brand new person and that’s why I feel so passionate about sharing that message with the world….but today my message is a little different and doesn’t necessarily have to just be about exercise.  Committing to something that is good for you and sticking with it, even when it’s hard, does so much more then just make you feel good and proud in the moment- it builds trust and confidence with yourself. When you stop and think about that for a moment, its pretty powerful.

Build trust in you.

Build confidence in you.

I believe with all my heart- if you nurture those two things- you will feel unstoppable.

PS- looking over mid class at my 9 year old with his eyes closed practicing his deep breathing too freaking cute for words.

You are awesome.


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