What I want my Daughters to Know

What I want my Daughters to Know

What would my daughters think if they knew I compared myself to other people? What would my daughters think if they knew I didn’t think I was good enough? What would they think if they knew I looked in the mirror and wished I was skinnier, prettier, taller, had six pack abs, a sculpted butt, whiter teeth, less wrinkles and bigger lips? (I’m using media lingo here because it’s everywhere and it drives me crazy).

Sometimes I have to fake it. Sometimes, especially when I’m tired, I still catch myself scrolling social media and playing the compare game. Atleast now when I do, I force myself to snap out of it and get a grip because at the end of the day, I like me and I don’t want to be anyone else. I don’t want anyone else’s life and I don’t want to look like, act like or be like anyone else because:

1- that would just be weird

2- that’s not the path I want to take in this lifetime and

3- that is absolutely the last thing I want to teach my daughters

I love to surround myself with people who inspire me to be a better version of myself. By better version, I don’t mean something that’s on a magazine cover, or a mom who is killing it on pinterest boards, I mean a healthier, happier women who can create the life I want for my family and raise my kids to be good people. When our happiness is dependent on a transition to “another version of ourselves,” we will never truly be joyful because our ideals will always change. Know today, that the person reading this post – is awesome. You are awesome as you are and you will be awesome tomorrow, now matter how much work it takes for you to believe it. Just start trying. Little people are watching you and you have the power to guide them to believing it too. There is too much negative messaging in society for us to ignore what we have the power to change. Our belief in ourselves.

To my daughters: My wish for you is that you will grow up with a solid belief system in your own worth. I hope you challenge yourselves to always grow, not the way it may seem defined by society, but in a way that allows you to feel fulfillment and happiness in every single day you have. That is a gift. Go get em. xo Mom