When mole hills turn to mountains

When mole hills turn to mountains

That old expression people use when someone is being dramatic “don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill,” ie. don’t make such a big deal of something- well it can totally be reversed. Sometimes we don’t make big deals out of little things, but instead we let those little things (those mole hills) start to pile up. It might start with something as simple as an unexpected text you get in the morning that distracts you and you forgot your lunch. The next day your child gets an ear infection and you find out your aunt had a fall on the ice. Then your daughter goes to the hockey rink without a skate (I did this), you signed up to volunteer at an event you have no time for,  you have a list of errands that now you have no time for and then you go home to discover you ran out of laundry detergent the night before dress down day and and your favourite jeans are dirty. None of these events are life threatening. None of these events are major….but when they all happen one after the other and we are trying to carry the weight of it all…we build ourselves a mountain.

Insert overwhelm.

We have all done it, we all do it. As conscious as we can be with what we take on, it takes A LOT of effort to keep it from happening. Why? Because it all starts with just one little thing. “Oh sure, I can do that.” Those are dangerous words, because the more we say them, the easier they seem to fall out of our mouths. Those add ons are controllable, the ear infections and the fall your aunt had- those are not.

So take a knee…….When your head is getting clouded, its so important to put yourself on a time out. Take a pen and paper and write every to do and every distraction and every worry you have down. Then go back and review what is essential, what you can get help with and what you can eliminate. Before you leave your time out, remind yourself that you don’t need to do it all.

  1. Ask for help. Asking for help is twofold awesome. One, its going to get you a new level in your life when you are operating as a better version of yourself. You can focus your energy on the stuff you are really good at, and delegate the not important. Two, I guarantee there  is someone around you who is feeling that same kind of overwhelm. Seeing you reach out for help will give them permission to do it too.
  2. Move your freaking body. It cleanses your soul and makes you better at everything else you do. Plus, it will help you still be able to tie your own shoes when your 85. Don’t take that for granted.
  3. Go for a drive, crank the song “Shallow,”  sing as loud as possible and pretend your Lady Gaga on stage with Bradley Cooper. Boom.
  4. Cry. If you need help, put on the episode of the Wonder Years where Winnie and Kevin didn’t get married. That one still gets me.
  5. Schedule a night out with friends. Laughter is good for the soul and friends are the best catalysts for that.
  6. Epsom salts baths with essential oils and a book. Throw a glass of wine in there and you may as well be on a vacay in the Caribbean.
  7. Write down 10 things you are grateful for. Reread. Reread.
  8. Tell your partner about your overwhelm and ask them to help you.
  9. Meditation. If you don’t know how to do it, there are great apps you can download.
  10. Practice saying no. This is a really important one and requires constant reminders so that we keep saying it. Remember the little things, the things we think we can handle, those mole hills – they can pile up quick. Add ons can sink you. Eliminating them is ok. Time on this earth is precious. Protect it.

You are awesome.